Dolls by Virginia Comish | Lifelike Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls

April is about 11 inches tall and was sculpted to be a young tween aged girl.

She is poured in smoothcast 327 resin. She takes 6 mm eyes and a 4.5 inch wig. 

I am selling her as a small preorder as a blank doll, no faceup. She will not come with eyes or wig, once purchased it will take 2-4 weeks to complete and ship 

I have been making BJD's for about a year now and have improved quite alot since starting. But as a disclosure, everything is hand done. Hand sculpted, molded and poured by myself and small defects are possible. Of course if I get a bad pour on one of her parts I will repour and do my best to make her as perfect as possible. But I'm proud that April moves, holds poses and stands much better than my previous dolls. As an artist I can still see where I need to improve so I am only charging for materials used and a very small fee for my time. So for now I am trying to keep my BJD dolls affordable. 

More pictures coming soon of a blank doll!!

April pre-order $150