Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Dolls

Lil Pearl

Lil Pearl was sculpted by Yulia Shafer, masterfully poured by Maria Grover. She is 5 inches long and sculpted in her adorable 'tummy time' pose. 

Lil Pearl $850

Zoe by Cindy Dowling

Zoe was sculpted by Cindy Dowling and masterfully molded and poured by Maria Grover. She is 10 inches long poured in soft blend silicone.

Zoe $800

Avalyn by Maria Grover

Sweet Avalyn was sculpted by Maria Grover. She is a cuddle baby which means she has a solid silicone head attached to a cloth body. The cloth body is jointed for easier posing.

She is perfect for those new to silicone dolls or for children. And in that in mind I rooted her hair thickly so it won't be easily pulled out by a child. She also has rooted eyebrows.

Cuddle baby Avalyn $750

Lil Angel

Lil Angel was sculpted by Maisa Said and is a dainty 2.5 inches long. She is pored in Ecoflex 20. Since she was sculpted in the fetal position she cant wear cloths.

Lil Angel $275

Amelia by Elena Westbrook

Lovely Amelia was sculpted by Elena Westbrook. She is 14 inches long and has a fused neck. She is poured in super soft blend silicone, sometimes called marshmallow silicone. 

She has rooted eyebrows and lashes. 

Amelia $3000

Ahn by Bonnie Sieben

Gorgeous Ahn sculpted by talented artist Bonnie Sieben and masterfully molded and poured by Maria Grover is looking for her forever home!

She is 21 inches, over 9 pounds and poured in soft blend silicone. She has German glass eyes in dark Asian brown. Rooted eyelashes and eyebrows covered in a layer of silicone and matted to be realistic and will not fall out.

Her hair was microrooted one little hair at a time using Sarah Silk yearling black mohair. Very soft and silky to the touch. 

She has armatures in her arms for easy posing of her arms. And she has a open mouth with tongue and gums and can take a full pacifier.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Ahn- $5000


I am always open to reasonable offers on my dolls. Please contact me to negotiate price and I can create an invoice for you. Thank you!!