Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Doll artist and Ball joint doll artist

Emmalee- by me, Virginia Comish

Emmalee is my first full body newborn sculpt. She was masterfully molded and will be poured by Maria Grover. 

She will be poured in one piece, she is 17.5 inches, about 6.5 pounds.

As she is my first sculpt produced in silicone I am offering her for an introductory rate:

Ecoflex 20- $1000

Soft blend- $1100

Extras to add to your dolls:

Open mouth and tongue- $$75

Armature in her arms only- $150

Armature in arms and legs- $250

Drink and wet- $200

This is for a BLANK silicone doll. Once purchased it will take 2-5 weeks for you to receive your doll. They will be shipped from Maria Grover in NC in the United states. 

I will charge a flat rate for shipping in the United States. If you are international please contact me BEFORE purchasing so I can make a custom invoice for you with shipping to your country. 

Emmalee Eco 20- $1000

Emmalee soft blend $1100

Add on open mouth and tongue $75

armature in arms $150

armatures arms and legs- $250

Drink and wet $200


I am always open to reasonable offers on my completed dolls. Please contact me to negotiate price and I can create an invoice for you. 

Also, I am willing to give a good discount if you are willing to pay with paypal friends and family. Just contact me and we can discuss price and details if paid in paypal F&F