Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Dolls

Bear by Izzy Zhao

Bear was sculpted by Izzy Zhao, masterfully molded and poured by Maria Grover and completed by me. She was poured in one piece in super soft silicone. Not quite marshmallow, but very soft and squishy.

She is 17.5 inches, about 6.5 pounds. She was rooted with sarah silk yearling mohair. She also has rooted eyebrows. She will come with all the clothes you see in the pictures as well as a receiving blanket, certificate and care instructions. 

Bear $5000



I am always open to reasonable offers on my dolls. Please contact me to negotiate price and I can create an invoice for you. 

Also, I am willing to give a good discount if you are willing to pay with paypal friends and family. Just contact me and we can discuss price and details if paid in paypal F&F