Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Dolls

Annelenne by Maisa Said

Gorgeous Annelenne was sculpted by Maisa Said and molded and poured by Maria Grover. 

She is 17.5 inches long poured in soft blend silicone, shes so soft and squishy and wrinkles adorably when shes moved around. 

She does not have armatures but she holds her position when you love her limbs and head. 

Her hair is rooted in three shades or added realism and her eyebrows have been rooted and sealed to be as realistic as possible. 

Annelenne $4500

Tanner by Dawn McLeod

8 inch Tanner was sculpted by Dawn McLeod, poured by Maria Grover. 

He is poured in Ecoflex 20 

Tanner $700


I am always open to reasonable offers on my dolls. Please contact me to negotiate price and I can create an invoice for you. Thank you!!