Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Doll artist and Ball joint doll artist

Shell by Virginia Comish

Shell was sculpted by me, molded and poured by Maria Grover. She is 11 inches from top of head to bottom of her tail. 

She was poured in soft blend silicone and has an opened mouth, very flexible and wrinkles when bent and moved around

Shell $435

Ellie by Maria Grover

Ellie is a sweet 5 inch soft blend silicone baby sculpted by Maria Grover and completed by me. She has strawberry blonde hair from Sarah Silk. she has a slightly opened mouth

Ellie $415

Lil Pearl by Yulia Shafer

Lil Pearl was sculpted by Yulia shafer, molded and poured by Maria Grover and completed by myself. Lying down she is about 5 inches long, poured in soft blend silicone.

Pearl was sculpted in the position of tummy time with her arm fused to her body and the one leg bent up. Her pose makes it difficult for her to wear any clothing but she looks so adorable with just a diaper! 

She has an armature in her body and neck so she can be posed in her tummy time position or bent so she can lay flat. Just gently grasp her neck until you can feel the wiring and gently bend her to desired position. 

Lil Pearl $415


I am always open to reasonable offers on my completed dolls. Please contact me to negotiate price and I can create an invoice for you. 

Also, I am willing to give a good discount if you are willing to pay with paypal friends and family. Just contact me and we can discuss price and details if paid in paypal F&F