Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Doll artist and Ball joint doll artist

This was my first sculpt that I made into a doll, I love how her face came out and her body isn't bad but she does have flaws. 

She doesn't pose super great, and she doesn't stand. She can pose alright in sitting positions. 

She is about 12 inches tall, wears 5-6 inch wigs and 8 mm eyes. I am not selling her as a blank, I had these few (pictured) that I completed to sell as completed dolls. I made their wigs myself and they are not bad for first attempts at wig making haha. 

Basically just selling at cost of materials. I will not accept returns or refunds. I've given her the name of learning curve girl because she has flaws and I now know what to do better in my next sculpt. If you think she'll make you happy by sitting on your shelf then this doll is for you. 

Black haired girl and long strawberry blonde haired girl have sold.

Clear 'learning curve doll' $85

red head doll with white bikini top $85

Girl in Scottish print dress $85