Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Doll artist and Ball joint doll artist



I'm very happy to present Alixie. She was my fourth sculpt that I have molded and poured into a resin BJD. I used smooth cast 327 and So-Strong ureathane pigments. Eventually I want to offer my dolls in more skin tone varieties but for this edition I only have caucasian and blue. 

She is about 10 inches tall, will use a 5 inch wig and 10 mm eyes. I coated her joints in a silicone glue to help her hold poses, She is strung tightly and for added reinforcement I have wired the inside of her legs. On my completed Avatar doll her tail is attached by magnets but in the blank blue girls the tail is attached by the elastic stringing. 

Learning to create my own BJD's has been a challenge and a learning experience I am very happy with how she came out but there are a few things I know I need to do differently next time. She has a few flaws that you should be aware of before purchasing. There were air bubbles on her hip joint and on the heels of her feet. On her feet I went back later and added more resin to fill the bubble but on the blue ones especially you can see a slight difference in pigment but you really have to be looking for it to notice. The head cap doesnt fit perfectly on her head but one you get the wig on you wont be able to notice. On the separate peices of her tail you can see the dots I put in my sculpt so I knew which order they went in. While my sculpt was being baked she got a slight crack in one eyelid, I fixed it best I could but it showed through when she was poured in resin. I sanded them down as best as I could as well and once she gets a face up it is barely noticeable.

As you can see in the pictures one blue with with tail has slight damage on the inside of her arm, I got too close while drilling her stringing holes. So she is a bit cheaper than the other blue girl with tail because of it. 

Full COMPLETE BLUE avatar $200

Full COMPLETE pink haired Alixie $200

Blank caucasian doll- $100

Blank blue with tail $100

Blank blue with tail, arm damage $85