Dolls by Virginia Comish | Lifelike Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls

About My Silicone Babies

Each of my dolls is a one of a kind creation. Occasionally I will make two or more of the same sculpt but I strive to make each one unique and special. The dolls are made of high quality silicone that feels realistically soft, I also use the best silicone paints and painting supplies to add skin tones, blushing, creasing, nail and lip details, blue and purple tones, etc. Once the doll is painted I use high quality silicone matting powder to make the dolls skin baby soft and smooth. Silicone bonds with silicone so these layers will never be rubbed or wiped away. 
​I give each doll a unique hair pattern with a natural cowlick and micro-root the hair one hair at a time using a special needle. I always use Sarah Silk mohair as I have found it to be the best in the business. I use a variety of kid, yearling, fine adult and alpaca mohair. I usually give a doll several similar but different shades of hair color for added realism.

​I use high quality German glass eyes on my open eyed babies. 

The process of bringing an empty doll kit to life takes several weeks. As so much time and money is put into each doll they are obviously not meant as a child's toy, these dolls are for adult collectors who know how to properly care for them.

If you have any questions about my dolls I'm happy to answer them!

About My Ball Jointed Dolls

I am pretty new to this form of art. I've been collecting for a few years and decided I want to try and make my own dolls.

I do not use a 3-D printer, I hand sculpt the dolls myself using paper clay. I mold them myself as well and also pour them in high quality resin. I get my molding and pouring materials from Smooth-On. The resin used is Smooth-Cast 327 and I use a pressure pot to eliminate air bubbles. For the skin tone coloring I use different So Strong liquid urethane colorants. I enjoy experimenting and trying different types of mixtures to get normal skin tones as well as fantasy colors. 

As my dolls are completly hand made and poured they may be small flaws in the doll. Each doll I do, I'm trying to eliminate any flaws that have occured before. 

About Me

My name is Virginia Comish and I have been making baby dolls for about 15 years. I started out making vinyl reborn dolls and after several years took a break from the doll world. 

Now I work as a silicone doll artist and much prefer the silicones to vinyl's. With each doll I strive to make it even more lifelike and realistic than the last. I love creating each baby and spend weeks on each one making each detail as perfect as possible. 

I am newly a ball joint doll artist. I have loved to collect in this hobby and want to bring others happiness in the dolls I create as well.