Dolls by Virginia Comish

Silicone Lifelike Baby Doll artist and Ball joint doll artist

                              Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take custom orders?

No, I'm sorry but I no longer do custom orders. I've had too much bad luck with people. If you sign up for my newsletter you will be notified when I have new dolls available

What is the price range of your babies? 

​It depends on many factors. Such as size of the baby, whether it is cloth body or solid silicone, which sculpt it is, how 
​much I invested in the kit and supplies, etc. Mini-babies 5-12 inches will be anywhere from $350-650. Micro-preemie
​and preemie sized depending on cloth or full body will be $2000-$4000+. Newborn sized cloth bodied babies $1200-$4000
​Newborn solid silicone babies $3500-$6000+

​Keep in mind these prices are a very broad estimation.

Do you accept payment plans?

No I do not accept payment plans or extensions anymore. Something else I've had bad luck with. People pay a deposit and then back out on me so I will not take and sort of layaway UNLESS the doll exceeds $6000 and then I will accept a max of a 3 month payment plan. 


How do I buy a doll?

​Generally speaking I have one doll available each month, sometimes none, sometimes more. I have three little boys that keep me busy all day so I basically am only able to work on dolls when they are sleeping.
​On my home page I will be listing upcoming dolls that I have ordered the kits for and plan to make, I will also be sending out
a newsletter whenever I have a doll either completed or close to being completed. 

​Go to my available babies section to see what I have up for adoption right now. If you saw one of my dolls on ebay please purchase directly from me. I much prefer not to sell on ebay and am more open to price negotiation when payment is being made to me directly.

I will also give significant discounts if you are willing to pay me using paypal friends and family. Also I am much more willing to negotiate the price if payment is made in full versus a payment plan.

​I only accept PayPal for payment.

How/when will I receive my doll?

After I receive full payment your doll will be shipped out to you within 1-3 business days. It will be extremely well packaged to prevent 
​damage while shipping and I always include delivery confirmation and insurance for your package. Shipping within the US is always free.